My name is Phil Chalmers, and I am a criminal profiler, a true crime writer, and a television personality.

The Phil Chalmers Apparel brand is a manifestation of some of my passions and interests in life; be it true crime, serial killers, horror movies, fitness and exercise, vintage memories, holidays, the second amendment, humor, and my personal faith and morality.

I find it difficult to track down cool apparel that I would be proud to wear, and apparel that is edgy and makes a statement. That is why I decided to launch this apparel brand and this website. As I continue to interview serial killers, film television shows, and write true crime books, I will release new designs every month, giving you fresh apparel with designs that guarantee you will be trendy, relevant, and people will ask where you found that design. I
hope you enjoy these designs and products, and if you ever have a problem with any of them, send an email to

You can also check out my profiling work and my true crime projects at


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